About us

Our company has not been established by coincident. It has emerged from the passion, involvement and innovative ideas.

We are an engineering company exploiting its knowledge and experience as well as support of people from the business. Over many years we have gained an experience working for different companies from the wood processing and paper industry and sharing our ideas on solutions which enabled our customers to be more efficient, faster and cost effective. We have finally decided to share our ideas and innovative solutions with the wider range of customers. Some of our first ideas have already been implemented.

Our activity is applicable for any industry. The system of better and more effective solutions such as effective machine utilization, finding cheaper supplier or optimization of logistic systems can be developed for any branch of industry or service. We review and analyze the current situation before proposing the best solutions. However our capabilities are not limited to above mentioned areas of activity as we also offer comprehensive implementation of new technologies in technological lines for wood processing and paper industry.

In order to meet customer requirements we have established cooperation with German manufacturer and supplier of industrial knives used for improving efficiency of different production processes in most of branches of industry. This cooperation has enabled us to widen the range of our services and introduce non-standard solutions also for the niche products.